Mamma-Afrika Hampers EarthMamma-Afrika Hampers

Bringing a breath of fresh air in Advertisement, Fundraising, Brand Awareness & Product Activation for clients in Africa and abroad. They focus on NPO’s, Sports Trust, Environmental Base Companies, and Crises driven Africa Products, while using their success to better the lives of others. See their website for more info:

Bright Futures LogoBright Futures Children’s Programme

Focused on feeding the children of Zuma Park Informal Settlement in South Africa and providing them with Educational Support. They are currently raising funds to build their first center in Bela Bela. For more information, visit:

Beyond Youth Sports

Beyond Youth Sports is a registered sports academy for children aged 5–18 years in the Central Region of Uganda. It is affiliated with the Uganda Youth Football Association (UYFA) under the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) and other National Federations of Sports in Uganda. Since 2009, BYS has been using sports to reach many youths and promote environmental conservation as well as good sanitation among area families. For more information, visit:

house of sand sandbag eco-friendly homesHouse of Sand Eco-Friendly Homes

This sandbag building system is perfectly suited for community based projects. Affordable homes, classrooms, schools, community centres and general purpose buildings are all easily and cost-effectively built by volunteers or local temporary workers with very little training. They provide the skills training, project management services and on-site supervision to ensure that the project is a success (and everyone has a lot of fun.) Their business model is based on a collaboration between House-of-Sand, its Licensee’s and “eco-suppliers.” They are passionate about delivering affordable, well designed eco-friendly homes and want as many people as possible to be a part of this process. Environmental and Social consciousness is central to their business model, which is based on the principles of fair-trade. For more information, visit:

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