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It’s Simple: Let’s Treat Each Other Better by Ambassador, Shoaib Saboory

Human beings have transformed and evolved greatly since our creation on the globe. In the process, we have always found many discrepancies and divisive points among our species; and this has caused millions… Read More

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Open Letter from UFPM’S Costa Rican Ambassador‏, Judi Purdy

My name is Judi Purdy, and I’ve lived in Costa Rica for 16 months. I would like to share a few thoughts about my involvement with the Universal Flag Peace Movement (UFPM), and having the honor to be the Ambassador from… Read More

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Mazare Sharif City by Shoaib Saboory

Afghanistan, the heart of Asia, is a country with more then 30 provinces; and Mazare Sharif city is one of the most populated cities in the Balkh province. It is the center of civilization and more than 500 years old. The ancient palaces and constructions are proof, for instance the Blue Mosque… Read More

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I Love the Whole World by Salma El-Banna

I ask you to disconnect from the world for a few seconds, detach yourself from your nationality, your name and age. I ask you to consider yourself a dot. Read More

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