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A Child’s Sense of Self by Sobonfu Somé

Often, we tend to look at other people without actually seeing them — we notice only what serves us or affects us in some way. When it comes to children, our ability to notice and see must be magnified. The smallest detail matters… Read More

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The Seen and the Unseen: Spirituality Among the Dagara People by Sobonfu Somé

I grew up in southwestern Burkina Faso, where the houses are built with mud and nicely polished with cow dung and ash. The children have their own rooms; the women have their rooms; and the men have their room. It is not to promote gender differences or sexism but is a way for men, women, and children to be able to meet their needs. Men and women often come together, but always in a sacred space… Read More

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Embracing Grief by Sobonfu Somé

For many people grief is an option. Looking at my own life, I realized it is a matter of life and death. In fact, throughout my life, grief has been an important theme from crying for food as a child to dealing with deep pain of losses as I grow older… Read More

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April 10, 2011
A Conversation with Sobonfu Somé

Join us Sunday as we welcome Sobonfu Somé, one of the foremost voices in African spirituality. Destined from birth to teach the ancient wisdom, ritual and practices of her ancestors to those in the West, Sobonfu, whose name means “keeper of the rituals” travels the world on a healing mission… Read More

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