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Grief in Animals: It’s Arrogant To Think We’re the Only Animals Who Mourn

There is no doubt that many animals experience rich and deep emotions. It’s not a matter of if emotions have evolved in animals but why they have evolved as they have. We must never forget that our emotions are the gifts of our ancestors, our animal kin. We have feelings and so do other animals. Read More

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July 10, 2010
A Conversation With Dr. Gay Bradshaw

Gay Arndt Bradshaw Ph.D., Ph.D. is Executive Director of The Kerulos Center. She holds doctorate degrees in ecology and psychology, and has published, taught, and lectured widely in these fields both in the U.S. and internationally. She is the author of Elephants on the Edge: What Animals Teach Us about Humanity, an in-depth psychological portrait of elephants in captivity and in the wild. Read More

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