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Polarity Management by Joseph McCormick

I’ve found that my conditioning was to think in black/white, either/or terms. I am right, you are wrong. This is good, that is bad. This is the “stinking thinking” that has toxified our public conversations… Read More

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The New Citizen ~ The New Nobility by Joseph McCormick

This new political behavior is being exhibited by a whole new type of citizen, who have emerged as a result of the personal development movement, and the liberation of ancient spiritual practices from “protective custody”. They tend to be more connected with God, Spirit, Source, the Christ, the Divine, however you say it, and have a relatively well developed inner guidance system. They tend to be free from dogmatic belief systems and are more willing to “go within” to access truth (rather than relying on external “facts” presented to them). Read More

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Transpartisan Coalitions: Success and Limitations by Joseph McCormick

While organizing the First Conference on Democracy in America I had the idea of using the event to build a relationship between the leaders of MoveOn.org and the Christian Coalition… Read More

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My American Dream by Joseph McCormick

In many ways you could say, I have been “in love” with the ideal, the dream of America. I lived the American dream up until I was 38, almost to the letter. Then, at a predictable stage in my development, I felt betrayed, and was deeply disillusioned Read More

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Citizen Education by Joseph McCormick

It amazes me to see what happens to people who come to our dialogues thinking they simply want to hear people who are different from themselves. After listening to members of the other tribes, they realize they are hearing facts and opinions that they’ve never heard before. Read More

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Whole Brain Politics by Joseph McCormick

The challenge I have had in doing this work is in striking the balance between articulating a clear image of what a transpartisan citizen empowerment movement will look like, and leaving it open enough to take many forms. It could look like the Grange or Chautauqua movements of the nineteenth century, but with a twenty-first century look and feel featuring wireless keypad voting town halls, wiki-policymaking, and “Open Space” citizen assemblies Read More

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June 26, 2010
A Conversation With Joseph McCormick

After nearly a decade as a Christian Coalition activist and Republican nominee for the U.S. Congress in one of the most conservative districts in America, Joseph McCormick learned firsthand the most destructive force in our country today is Americans taking sides against other Americans. The turning point in his life came in 2001 when his political career, marriage, business and reputation collapsed, his relationships having been eroded by mistrust and hatred of his enemies. The pain of this personal loss was transformative and he began slowly rebuilding his life on more solid ground, searching for a healthier way to engage in politics. Read More

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