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Polarity Management by Joseph McCormick

I’ve found that my conditioning was to think in black/white, either/or terms. I am right, you are wrong. This is good, that is bad. This is the “stinking thinking” that has toxified our public conversations… Read More

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The New Citizen ~ The New Nobility by Joseph McCormick

This new political behavior is being exhibited by a whole new type of citizen, who have emerged as a result of the personal development movement, and the liberation of ancient spiritual practices from “protective custody”. They tend to be more connected with God, Spirit, Source, the Christ, the Divine, however you say it, and have a relatively well developed inner guidance system. They tend to be free from dogmatic belief systems and are more willing to “go within” to access truth (rather than relying on external “facts” presented to them). Read More

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Transpartisan Coalitions: Success and Limitations by Joseph McCormick

While organizing the First Conference on Democracy in America I had the idea of using the event to build a relationship between the leaders of MoveOn.org and the Christian Coalition… Read More

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