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How Many Dog Breeders Do We Really Need? by Dr. Marc Bekoff

It’s essential to have reasoned discussions and debates about dog breeding and not insulting exchanges, while fully recognizing that it’s highly unlikely that.. Read More

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Grief in Animals: It’s Arrogant To Think We’re the Only Animals Who Mourn

There is no doubt that many animals experience rich and deep emotions. It’s not a matter of if emotions have evolved in animals but why they have evolved as they have. We must never forget that our emotions are the gifts of our ancestors, our animal kin. We have feelings and so do other animals. Read More

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Humpback Whales Protect a Gray Whale from Killer Whales by Marc Bekoff

As more and more data are collected we’re learning not only about the prevalence of cooperation, compassion, and empathy among members of the same species but also of instances of individuals of one species helping members of other species… Read More

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The National Museum of Animals & Society

Our relationships with other nonhuman animals (aka animals) move us all over the place. We love some, hate others, and are indifferent to a wide range of fascinating species. Animals intrigue and inspire us and as we inquire about who they are we learn much about who we are… Read More

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